I am a married man with a loving wife and lovely two kids and drinking night was something that my wife always allowed me to go as she is an understanding wife who believe that I would need to have some buddies time for myself. Our usual spot will be bars at clark quay. One night out of the blue one of my buddies suggested a different place to go because he was telling my that the other place had a good promote for Martell.

When i reach there I realise is a “KTV” where you know hostess would come drink with you and all, I wanted to turn my back to go home but my buddies keep telling me not to be a kill joy and they will promise to keep it from my wife. After much persuasion i relented and went with the flow. We order the drinks and the “Mummy” brought the girls over in a private room my buddies quickly selected the girls but i refused.

One of buddies then called the “Mummy” over and whispered to her ears, she smile at him and went away. After a few moment, she came back with this young, sweet looking girl who smile at me shly, the “Mummy” quickly get her to sit on my lap and throw her arms around me. She was a bit shy and I told her to seat beside me. We chatted through the night and i didn’t touch her much compared to my rest of my buddies who were making out with most of them. One thing I couldn’t forget about her is because she remind me of my first love.

Coming close to the night all of my buddies “taopao” and she was looking at me with cat’s eyes hoping that i will do the same but i was still sober enough to think about my wife. Neverthless I brought her out for supper and we chat till morning and I send her back. She then told me she think she in love me and even refused my extra tips to her.

She whispered to my ears that she think that i a good man and that she in true love with me as other man just wanted to get her in bed. She passed me her number and ask me to contact her when I free again. I know shouldn’t but i couldn’t control myself and eventually one thing lead to another. On one side i a good and responsible husband and father, on the other i living another life. She only wants me to give her $2000 a month to take care of her.


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