1) CDG ask all driver to report
2) CDG stocks down i think… for some reason
3) now got this promotion for recruiting n get free S8

Oh.. did we read across, CDG have many unhired cab too.

But frankly speaking..

If this war between taxi n the end.. taxi driver got more disadvantage.

Cause UG fleet is highest in SG.

All will take

1) taxi over queue in taxi stand
2) taxi while waiting for pax, idling engine is on the way
3) taxi driver attire and personnal grooming – long hair dye hair..
4) taxi alighting n pick up at forbidden line like ziz Zac line
5) taxi driver smoke in car without passenger


UG only need to take care of

1) proper attired – office wear or cover shoe
2) wherr they alight passenger only

3) smoke in car? No problem. Without passenger, it’s their private car. They can do whatever they wan.

4) they pay road tax, insurence, fuel, an most important, they pay car loan.

So what else will UG lose out if Taxi driver want to challenge.

So best, drive our own taxi. Cover 2 eyes. You scratch my back, I scratch yours.

At the end of the day, each go home with fair income and fair competition. All happy.

Cause report already, no monetary award too. So why bother ya.

Facebook Comment By: Francis Gemuk Teo



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