passportHey guys. Please take the time to read up and share with your loved ones and inform them about what I’m about to tell you. A Malaysian official tore up my passport, denied me entry unless I paid him some kopi money.

Around 1130pm last night at malaysia custom(ciq) after secondlink checkpoint, I was stopped by the officer in the counter. He questioned why I had MACS on my passport and what am I doing entering Malaysia at this timing. I told him I was otw home, my Wife was waiting for me. He then said, “Oh, you have to uturn back to Singapore because your passport is torn. Unless you’re Malaysian, i can’t allow you to pass through but right now that passport is torn and it is illegal.”

I was shocked because I know my passport was perfectly fine, I had to use it everyday and even a few minutes before giving the officer, i had to scan my passport in SG custom. It was perfectly fine, no tear no bend no scuffs.
I then told him I wanted to see a supervisor or a manager or his team leader but he refused. He told me to park my bike at the side and follow him to a corner.
Then this conversation began,
“Bro, i can help you pass through and let you see your wife but if I help you, you need to help me too”
Sensing as to where this is going, I asked, “what do you need me to help you with?”
“Ouh, like this also need me to spell it out and teach you?”
“Oh so u want money? Money in your pocket will let me through?”
“Ahh smart boy”

I immediately told him, “tell you what, i will take back the passport u tore and I will go back to Singapore”.
Man, all he did was smiled and told me to make a new passport before I can go back home.
Went down to ICA at tuas and was told to make a police report. Was told I wasn’t the first guy who experienced this and I hope by you reading this, I am the last. If you do have experienced the same, please report it as well. Both to Singapore and Malaysia police.

Officer will tear up your passport slyly, deny you access unless you pay them up.

Hey guys. Please take the time to read up and share with your loved ones and inform them about what I’m about to tell…

Posted by Muhammad Fauzi on Monday, September 24, 2018


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