J Dee Disco Serving Diluted Beer “Promotion” Pui



Imagine walking into a disco ordering some beer to enjoy. But the moment you taste the beer you taste sour or either watered down beer with soda or water. Singha beer becomes soda

I used to visit this disco in the past until they started serving me watered down beer. Why so many disco doing this? No business then like that ah? Why other disco no need do this.Probably its because your management is sh*t and you cant manage to attract the good girls/entertainers to work in your rotten shop. That is why no business.

I felt insulted when the bartender swear that he did not add anything else to watered down the beer.

Guys next time you visit J dee disco at golden mile. Please stare at the bartender that is drafting your beer. He will start to feel guilty and panic. Because your Singha might transform in to Soda if you fail to look at them drafting.

I doubt there is a Singha beer ambassador in Singapore that do checks. I do know that tiger(APB) check random pubs for quality assurance.

Submitted by the ultimate siam kia.


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