Islandwide Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system to replace Gantries by 2020!


Next-generation Electronic Road Pricing(ERP) system have been approve for implementaton, which cover islandwide and with the capability to charge by the distance travelled.

Land Transport Authority Chief Executive Chew Men Leong said that it will be jointly constructed by local company NCS and Japan’s MH Engine System.

It is targeted to roll out from 2020 to replace the current gantry based ERP system in place since 1998.

Motorist need not worry about changes to the current charging regimen during the changeover period.

With the technology is in place, LTA will look into the choice of distance-charging after changeover period.

For road users with high mileages, such as taxi drivers, deliverymen and bus operators, significantly higher ERP charges will occur if LTA choose this path.

No timeline for the implementation of distance-charging said Mr Chew. For day one other functions of the new structure will be available.

These include real-time traffic information, coupon-less street side parking and automatic payment for off-peak car owners who drive during peak periods.

As the system uses satellite navigation technology its has island wide coverage

In places such as in tunnels or under viaducts where coverage tend to be weak, the use of signal beacons will be implemented.

Singapore can rethink current methods of curbing car demand with the new road-pricing system is in place said National University of Singapore transport researcher Lee Der- Horng.

It can move towards an a la carte system based on authentic distance clocked.” And doing away with the existing buffet-style certificate of entitlement (COE) system

Vehicle owners tend to drive as much as they can since the huge expense has already been made with current COE system encourages. It is comparable to how we eat at buffet to eat more than we should. Say Professor Lee.



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