I have always thought of Singapore Airlines as the best Asian airlines and one of the best in the world. However, my recent experience in business class was very subpar.

First off, the seats were angled weird and made it difficult to sleep comfortably … really poor design. The entertainment consul remote was also not very responsive. There were way too many announcements causing frequent interruptions in watching movies (and don’t tell me they are necessary as I’ve never experienced so many announcements on any other airlines).

The bigger problem came to the flight attendant service. I “booked the cook” for all my flight meals when it was available. On NONE of the flights were any of the flight attendants aware that I had pre-ordered my meals (very disorganized). They always asked me what I wanted to order and I had to remind them that I had booked the cook. Even on one flight, the same flight attendant was very forgetful and asked me 2-3 times what I wanted to order. On my last leg back home (Seoul to LAX), same problem occurred, but this time they completely forgot to serve me breakfast (despite being awoken almost 4 hours before landing).

They served me the preliminary stuff but then I sat for another hour with no meal served. I went up to one of the flight attendants, and she notified me that she accidentally gave my pre-ordered meal to someone else. However, 10 minutes later, she came out with my correct meal, which tells me she simply just forgot to serve me. The head flight attendant was apologetic and offered me a 100 Singapore Dollar voucher to use on in flight shopping, which did me no good as the shop on the flight had already closed.

He told me it was good for one year, but I have no idea if I am going to take another Singapore Airlines flight within the next year, and especially not after this poor experience.

I just left the voucher on the plane as it did me no good.

This was such a terrible and disappointing experience. Singapore Airlines has definitely fallen behind in quality and service to other Asian airlines … you would be even laughed at compared to the Middle Eastern airlines.

I have always thought of Singapore Airlines as the best Asian airlines and one of the best in the world. However, my…

Posted by Minh Le on Thursday, July 12, 2018


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