Interviewer keep yawning throughout my interview



Dear SingaporeUncensored,

Recently I went interview for a MNC, I went there with high hope cause the company is quite well-known in Singapore. I did all the things i should for the interview crisp pressed shirt and matching tie with polished shoes. I went there even 30 mins so i would screw things up.As I enter the room to greet them one of the interviewer yawn and I was a bit turn off.

During the interview, one interviewer ask a question and, when I attempts to answer, the second or third interviewer will start talking to another interviewer or yawn in what seems like an obvious attempt to throw the me off guard.

Eventually when asked if location was a important factor for me, I said yes cause i would want to minimize my travelling time with having to get up early. One of the interviewer snapped at me and said i was immature and there no such thing as flexi timing.

I was taken aback i wasn’t expected to be scolded and i didn’t even mention flexi timing. I was like what the hell? The rest of the interview was pretty awkward and I all wanted to be honest. Oh well guess i won’t be getting the job



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