Chanced upon this complaint. I have to say I agree that Bizhub Asia Pte Ltd is a really bad place to be working in. I did my 3 months’ polytechnic internship with them in 2015 and I was in short, mistreated as an intern.

On my first day or work, the Director (wife of the boss), told me and 2 other interns from another polytechnic that the office toilet is out of bounds for us: “The toilet is not open for interns. if you want to use it, you have to wash the toilet.”

I was 17 years old at that time, and the boss sent me to buy him cigarettes.

My jobscope was HR/Admin Support, but they made me vacuum the whole office every Friday. I overheard the boss and his wife saying, “We should hire more interns, cheap labour! they’ll do whatever we ask them to do because their grades are at stake.”

The boss even asked me to deliver his daughter’s homework all the way from Taiseng to his daughter’s school.

And yes, I know which male manager the writer is talking about. He made inappropriate comments about me and the other female interns too.

I was supposed to write a reflective journal every week that is to be read only be my lecturer. I wrote about the bad management in Bizhub in my journal. But I did not do anything that would upset them, because my grades were at stake.

On the last day of my internship, I was packing up my things. The boss saw my journal and asked to read it. I said no, it was confidential and only intended for my lecturer. He threatened to fail me and took the journal away from me. As expected, he was furious when he saw that I wrote unfavourably of Bizhub Asia. He called my lecturer and threatened to fail me again.

My lecturer Ii told her about everything beforehand when she came to visit me) asked if Bizhub Asia made me perform tasks that were out of my jobscope, the boss asked her, “So what if I did? Is it a crime?”

Long story cut short, he failed my internship employer’s appraisal. But my school’s board of directors had a meeting with my lecturer who supported me throughout, and decided to void Bizhub Asia’s appraisal and grade me based on my report alone. Thank God for my school’s support.

They also took away Bizhub Asia from the school’s list of approved internship employers.




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