Friends, we hired this Interior designer named Bryan Lim (Oppa Eebnaiarub) from The Design. Co Pte Ltd to renovate our home. Deposit and Keys were given to him since 1st of March. He started work for 2 days and then all work came to a halt. I haven’t been able to reach him proper. All I want is to have my deposit refunded so I can finish renovating my home. If anyone knows him, please urge him to do the right thing and refund us back our deposit.

Update 22/04/2018:…

In light of Bryan’s post in the link above: Please see my conversations with him (screenshots attached). Reno was supposed to start in March but he started chasing me to sign and pay deposit in Dec. I signed it and then I asked for a simple receipt. But he was really unresponsive. I had to keep chasing him for it and he just kept giving excuses. This is just one of many similar incidents where I had to keep asking for things. There are other times where he wouldn’t reply for entire day and I have attached a screenshot showing this.

And following this, look at the final incident that triggered today’s event. He missed the entire meeting with new electrician and partition guy that I engaged MYSELF because he failed to find one for me for so long (prepped him from as far back as Oct last year)! Then when he finally responded via whatsapp, his reason was that he didn’t want to show up because I called him a lousy designer (which I never did). Then he said I used vulgarities on him. The worse I could find was “WTF”….Judge for yourselves. All these are documented in my screenshots attached.

Then he claimed he did the project cost to cost and I’m not shy. Not true! For example, a contractor I just spoke to quoted me a much lower cost with the exact same flooring!Also, I have helped him fix his cars numerous times and he didn’t pay me. Then it was agreed that I’ll let him offset the bill with my reno. Please see attached!

Also, he claimed there were solutions offered but I didn’t take it! WHAT SOLUTIONS??? He offered none! It took him forever to find me an electrician. And when he finally did, the electrician gave a quote and then decided he didn’t want to take the job. Then took him another 4-5 days to find another electrician and the electrician didn’t even give a quote after many days of waiting. And he expects me to stay cool with only 2 weeks left to dateline! Basically I’m left on my own to hunt for an electrician and partition guy!

Update 23/04/2018:

I have been contacted by his previous collegue and he has been kind enough to share some evidence showing how Bryan loves to go MIA. Screen shots attached.

Update 24/04/2018:

Through some help from mutual friends, Bryan (Oppa Eebnaiarub) has agreed to meet me this Saturday to discuss the return of my refund. He said he has difficulty refunding me the amount (I agreed to a slight discount) and will discuss to do so through installments. Will update outcome again on Saturday.

Update 28/04/2018:

Bryan (Oppa Eebnaiarub) came empty handed as expected but summary is that I have agreed to let him refund me through installments. Thursday would be his first installment. Will update if this second agreement is fulfilled on Thursday or not?

Update 03/04/2018:

Bryan (Oppa Eebnaiarub) has decided not to proceed with my refund. Asked me to take legal actions instead. And he put words in my mouth again claiming I didn’t agree to installments for him when it was clearly stated in our settlement agreement that the refund will be made in 4 installments. Literally lost for words for this person.

Please see screenshot of his last message to me:

First I didn’t change my mind and the settlement agreement is broken down into 4 installments for the next 4 months. Secondly, he said it is fair to me and I will be able to answer to my family!!!! How is this fair to me??? And how can I answer to my family for mistrusting him???

Also, he came to our meeting dressed in branded clothes from head to toe…off-white tee, Kenzo shoes etc…and told me he has no money to pay me then. What kind of world are we living in???

Update: 05/05/2018.

Bryan (Oppa Eebnaiarub) implied that if he wanted to cheat, he wouldn’t have started hacking works in the first place. Please see attached screenshots contributed by another home owner. Same pattern. Dragged for many weeks for hacking works to start. Hacked then stopped work entirely. Deposit unretrievable. Also made an agreement with them to refund by installments but they haven’t received a cent since Jan 2018. The haunting (similarity) fact is that they too have agreements signed.

Update: 06/05/2018

Pics added: Dangerous works done to another home owner and then works came to a sudden halt. Owner was left to fix the problem at their own cost. Couldn’t get refund as well.

Update: 09/05/2018

I was always curious why it took Bryan Lim so long to get the electrician started in my project. And the very odd thing was that after initial discussions/planning, the electrician suddenly decides not to carry on with my project. I finally managed to contact the electrician and shared with him what I am going through and finally the truth is out. The electrician told me this was exactly the reason why he dropped my project. Please see screenshot.

Update: 20/05/2018

Admits fault and apologizes and beautifully crafted a note saying that he will be a “Bastard” if he was to borrow money from someone else to pay me back. But he did just that to me by taking my money to pay off his own debt (owing to his electrician). Screenshot attached.

Update: 14/06/2018

Police department called. Investigation is ON!

Friends, we hired this Interior designer named Bryan Lim (Oppa Eebnaiarub) from The Design. Co Pte Ltd to renovate our…

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