I was shock and frustrated with the service and profession that Money Max staff have provide me, the incident goes like this…..

On the 21th Aug 2017, due to some financial difficulties, I decided to Pawn my gold ring and a gold pendant to Money Max, I chose Money Max is becos its the nearest to my house. That day was an uncle with spects that serve me. after some inspection, the uncle told me my ring was 916 but my pendant was very long ago and its a 22k gold and both he will be able to take in at $185. I agreed.

Today, since i have abit cash on hand i decided to take back my ring first and pandent next few days than take back. So I went back to Money Max to redeem back and since both gold was in the same receipt, i can only redeem both and pawn back the pendant.

I ask the staff with the short hair name Cindy how much in total? She told me $187.50 or maybe is I heard wrongly, so i pass her $187.50 and after she counted she told me off rudely saying “EH ITS 187.75 HOR” i was kinda piss off with her attitude, why cant she tell me nicely? no need to told me off so loud. ok nvm.. its a small matter.. i pass her another 30cents and told her that I wanted to pawn back the pandent, so Cindy ask her partner Geraldine to come over.

Geraldine told me if I wanna pawn bk the pandent it would worth $45 (i knw its not much). At this time while I still thinking whether sld I take bk all or pawn 1st, the most shocking moment came.

“Your pandent is fake so we are unble to take in” Geraldine said. I was so shock, i told her if my pandent is fake how come that day the uncle able to took in? Cindy cut in and replied saying that “oh maybe u are a regular customer so the uncle trust u and didnt check on the pandent” this is ridiculous! firstly im not a regular customer, secondly, the uncle DID check on my pandent. and they just keep say that its fake.

the pandent is my grandmother bought for me more den 15yrs ago. if it is fake the gold definately have dropped off and i rem my grandmother bought me to gold shop to buy it.

currently im afraid that they might change away my gold to fake gold. if currently my gold is still real than I will wonder the profession of Money Max staff and what if some one really sell them a fake gold and they took it for real?

Money Max, although my amount was not big but it concern the trust and profession of your company. are we able to trust on u again? will u change my real gold to fake wan if i pawn it in your company? will u took in fake gold for real and sell off to customers? or will u take in real gold and when customer redeem bk or whatever and u told us its fake as u didn’t check but actually u swop it away?all this is my main concern.



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