Hi, all, I just want to share this with u all from my other group, admin if think cannot just take down .
Our children we take care, other people children oso we must take care a bit. The ‘I’ in the below is not me.
Is a mother of another children .

I would like to highlight a safety concern regarding an incident that happened this morning for awarenes. Many would be aware that many kids would be boarding the school bus at the sheltered drop-off point near Lobby 2. This morning, a taxi and a car occupied the entire drop-off point and prevented the school bus from driving in. As a result, the school bus had to stop opposite the drop-off point and a young boy had no choice but to cross the drive-way dangerously to board the bus.

I could sense that the little boy was quite scared to cross the drive-way on his own and the visibility in the area was quite low due to the darkness. Worrying about his safety, I walked up to the driver of the car and asked him politely if he can shift his car forward a little so that the bus can turn in for the child to board the bus safely without crossing the drive-way. However, he bluntly rejected my request and even commented that the boy can just cross the drive-way to board the bus. I was extremely upset with his inconsiderate behaviour and his disregard for the safety of the young boy.

To all residents, I sincerely hope that we all can learn from this unpleasant experience and be more considerate. Strictly speaking, there should not be any cars parking or waiting inside the dropoff point as we would be obstructing the area, but as a driver myself, I can understand that sometimes we might want to wait inside the shelter so that our loved ones can board the car safely without walking onto the driveway.

However, do note that the school term has started and many children would be boarding their school buses at the drop-off point. As such, I hope that we can all be more considerate by shifting our car when necessary so that the school buses can drive into the drop-off point to allow the little children to board their school buses safely every morning.

Let’s all be more considerate so that we do not allow our selfishness to cause any fatal accident. Thank you.

Source: FB post by Alan Chew‎ 


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