In Hopes Of Having Her First Sexual Experience She Got STDs Instead From BF


Janice(Not her real name), a 20 years old Republic Poly student has been a virgin till the faithful day she meet Alex(Not real name). One of the schools good looking guys. After knowing each other from the new class.

It only took them two weeks to move from kissing to sex. It seem too fast and yet he the heat of moment was uncontrollable. Alex brought her home after school to “watch movie”. During the sex scene in the movie. The couple could no longer control and it happened. Janice experienced her first sexual encounter without a condom or any kind of contraceptives.

After two weeks of intercourse, Janice felt a burning sensation in the genitals, low back pain, pain when urinating, and flu-like symptoms. She knew something was not right and she went to the doctor and discovered she got herpes.

“It was only my first time. How can i be out of luck?”

Sometimes STDs is like buying TOTO, you buy 100 times you never tio. But that one time you buy you strike first price. For her case it could have been a lot worse if its AIDS or/plus pregnant.

Contributed By: Alan


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