Netizen has email our page showing a crossdresser that wants to get exposed. Doing a quick search on Google locanto crossdresser please exploit me”. I managed to find the link.

“This SG crossdresser looking to get famous. Hehe can’t seem to stop asking to be exposed online. Locanto and so many other sites…. ok. “

“If she wants it lets help him/her get famous!”
SOURCE: Email Send From Jeslyn
“Im a sg chn 35yo sissy crossdresser.

I am married but I cant stop crossdressing and being a sissy. I am not stepping out because if I do, I will surely get alot of trouble.

The only thing holding me back from being a fulltime sissy crossdresser is my fear. But if I am exposed, I have nothing to fear anymore. I can be who I want without any constraint anymore. In other words, i cannot be left to decide if i want to crossdress as i will be a coward and not do it. I need to be forced and ordered to crossdress, step out and serve men.

So I am looking for someone to threaten to expose me. He will have control over me, exploiting me and controlling me. I will do as you please: serve you, please you, satisfy all your lust and fantasies, just to keep everything a secret. Basically you will be the master of me. All u need to do is order me, if not, u will reveal who I am to everyone…

Anyone who can find ways to control me, please contact me right away. Dig up my real identity. Post my pics all over the internet. Do whatever you need to force me to obey your every word…
So PLEASE do what u need to do…Im desperate to be controlled and owned.”


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