I woke up in bed with my Boss after a Xmas party



Dear SingaporeUncensored,

I never ever enjoy Christmas parties and never will again I guess. I gotten really really wasted and end up sleeping with my boss for the night. We didn’t have feelings or chemistry beforehand and it just happened. Its was so embarrassing waking up the next morning.

My boss was afraid i might spread this incident and i was scared that i would be fire.

It was so unpleasant for the next couple of months because I had to directly report to him and we have meetings once a week with just me and him. It till few months later, we decided to put it behind us as a one off mistake and laugh about it.

It’s been a year and we’re finally starting to act normal. I would never, ever do this again with a boss. Our Christmas party is next week, and I’m not even going.



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