“I Want leave my Wife and Kids To Be A Woman”


8abcdf9044b1f80bbf914d00afd9d773Dear Singapore Uncensored,

I am a crossdresser. I hate myself. Because I feel guilty towards my family,

I have wife and kids. And yet, I still continue to crossdress behind their backs. I spend so much time being the feminine me, I totally neglect them. I feel like I let them down, but I can’t control myself. I enjoy being a woman, and attracting men. I cannot stop myself.

I know somehow I must stop, but it consumes me. So much so that I feel like giving up my family and just being the female me. I am so sick of hiding from everyone…and I hate being the “guy” me.

I hope someday, I can just fulfill my dream…become the person I was born to be… and not be held back by others.

Submitted by fanny



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