I suspect my younger sister is seeing a old guy for branded stuff



Dear SingaporeUncensored,

i won’t say my family is very to do but we are pretty much self sufficient. Just like any typical family in Singapore we wont go on holiday at least one year or at least to JB for a short staycation which I didn’t complain much as I know my parents work very hard.

My younger sister on the other hand prefer the finer things in life she tried to keep on with the trends and some time complain why we can’t go more well known places like korea japan spain like her classmates. I will just tell her off gently saying we very fortunately to be where we are now and she will just show me a stuck up face.

During her uni days, she started to have more brand bags and clothes and she often would say that the goods was bought at discount price. But i know for know for sure that even if your a working adult would have difficulty up-keeping that kind of spending what more a student.

One day my fears was confirmed, I was on my way home from work. I saw my younger sister dressing up to the nineties and there was a bmw waiting for fetch her. Straining my eyes what I saw was a older man in a car well dressed, I quickly hided behind the pillar to avoid being seen.

As a older brother what can I do? Till now i kept quiet, I still love my sister I hope she would understand that materials things are not all that it is to life.



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