Yes i am one of the morons standing for a device known as the Iphone X. The only reason i would waste my time for a handphone is because my girlfriend forced me to queue up and buy one for her and yes before you ask she is a local, not very chio don’t have much assets but ask for the sky.

She said: 

“If you don’t queue for me? nevermind, a lot of guys are queueing behind you. It’s your choice if you want to be in the front of the queue or out of it.”

After i have seen the true colors i decided to play along and queue for the new Iphone X. I’m not so stupid to give the Iphone X to her. I decided to break it off with her in a way that will make her blood boil for fun and teach the bit*ch a lesson. I took a photo of the Iphone X and send it to her and tell her i manage to get my hands on the phone.

She immediately asked if I am free to pass it to her now. I tell her better tomorrow, I’m going out. She asked where i was going I told her i going to Thai Disco to burn some cash. She shouted so loud on the phone that it was so nonsensical i decided to hang up.

The next day she came to my house and demand for the Iphone (nabei the skin more thick than pig, i thought she going scold me about going Thai disco), I told her I sold the phone (still in my room). She asked why would I do that?!

I said:

With you I burn money, I go disco also burn money. I might as well burn money to different girl every night. Bye bye F Off you wh**re. (Then i slam my door with style)


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