I need to chat with other guys for work but my boyfriend gets jealous!



He frequently asks me to send screenshots of my chat list on WhatsApp and becomes furious if he sees chats with a guy. He expects me to attend to him all the time. If I am unavailable, he presumes I’m partying or busy flirting.

We have been in a relationship for 2 years now, and we started dating in our 3rd year of engineering. During this phase, he had his emotional lows like the loss of his dad and the loss of his job. We graduated together. This fall I began study for an MS, while he is still seeking a job. I know he is distressed and insecure about losing me as well, but is this justifiable?

I want to make this work, but I am disturbed by such behavior. I never flirt or party as he thinks, and my chats with any guys are strictly work-oriented. I’m confused. How should I handle him?


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