I keep reading confessions about guys complaining about all girls being gold diggers and materialistic. Well, let me tell you about my girlfriend. Some backstory, my family is really well-off and I am aware of my privileged upbringing. I’m talking landed property, more than 1 car, weekly family dinners that cost 4 digits.

When I first started chasing her I didn’t let her know my family was rich. First date, she tried to split the bill and of course I didn’t let her, but the fact that she made the attempt to made me think maybe she wasn’t materialistic like other girls I’ve chased before who always expect the guy to pay.

Fast forward to our first monthsary, she chose the restaurant. I was expecting to and totally fine with paying for our dinner but she sneakily paid the bill on her credit card while I was away at the toilet. I was somewhat between stunned/amazed because never did I expect that. She told me she knew if she waited till the end of the date I would definitely insist on paying so she had to be sneaky. Haha. I think it was at this point I realized I wanted to marry her.

When we went overseas together this summer (when we were already together and she’s aware of my family wealth), I told her my parents didn’t mind paying business/first class for both of our tickets but she refused and said it was very rude to spend my parents money anyhow and insisted on flying economy. She has never flown business or first class before, which are basically the only kind of flights I’ve ever flown. This is just one instance of me realizing that she’s really not those materialistic kinds of girl.

And basically, all the everyday things she does makes me realize how she isn’t superficial and materialistic. She gives tuition to earn her own pocket money (I’m ashamed to say I’ve always had an allowance to rely on except during NS), always chides me when I try to buy expensive gifts for her, and always finds ways for us to save money. Like when I suggest a place for lunch or something, she will always check whether there’s like any discount code or something we can use (even though I’m usually paying). She asked me before whether I think she’s too thrifty (she was horrified/stunned the first time I invited her to join my family for dinner and all the dishes on the menu cost 3 digits), and I told her that it’s wife material. Which is true.

So to all the guys out there, girls like this exist. Even if you’re rich not all of them are gold diggers. You just have to find the right girl.


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