I caught my younger brother watching R rated movies!!



I just went to my little brother’s room. He went downstairs and I checked his mobile history for the first time ever. Not curious if he was watching or something, I just misclicked and guess what? I saw adult videos.I think he started this week don’t know, cos i can’t get access to earlier sessions only to 1 week ago so.

He just turned 13 and started secondary. And this week he had lots of tests and he was very stressed. I tried to help him with homework because he asked, but he got angry quickly. It reminded me of myself. Exactly like a mirror when I would wank and watch adult video. I haven’t told it to him yet, I am angry but I am not going to show my anger at him. I either want to block those adult website on mobile device but I dont know how.rr talk to him about it and explain it to him.

I am not going to tell this to my parents because you know it not needed I have experienced the dangers of porn myself and their support wouldn’t come because they would act differently because they don’t know about noFap etc.

What do you guys suggest? What can I do? I going thru high level of stress from my school work currently and I cant do this right now because I wouldn’t be able to concentrate and screw up my studying sessions.

Please help, I don’t want him to fall in the same path. I have caught him early on and I think this will only benefit him in the long run!


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