hotwaterThe wife, who is the manager of Anew Me salon at Centrepoint, has asked the maid to pour hot water on herself as well as drink dirty water which was mixed with detergent. The husband was also arrested for assaulting the maid.

The maid, who is from Myanmar, mentioned that she was not paid her promised salary of $700 a month. She was only paid when MOM dropped by to check. She suffered a scar on her shoulder as well as losing 12kg from malnutrition.

Her employers were unhappy with her as they claim that she do her chores slowly. This resulted in her being abused by both husband and wife, who are staying at Punggol Walk.

The sly wife mentioned that if the maid does not pour water on herself, she would then pour it on herself and will inform that police that the maid was the one who did it. Petrified, she went on to pour hot water on herself. She got scald marks and her skin. The family did not take her to the doctor but instead, gave her a needle to poke the blisters herself.

Some other abuses the maid got was drinking dirty water, pulling her hair and use a mobile phone to hit her. The husband punched her twice after he assumed that she threw away his spectacles.

The family were only caught when they brought her to the salon one day where one of the employees alerted the police on what the maid went through.

The wife’s bail is set at $15,000 and the husband’s bail is set at $5000. Both would be appealing their sentences.


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