hui_teck_furniture_cockroach_shit_infested_1Beware of this furniture shop at blk 142 & 26 Teck Whye Lane.. Bought a $430 drawer cabinet from this China CB boss name Joyce.

The next day they send over the cabinet, outside looks nice, drawer is clean.. But after they left I took out all the drawers and I this is wat I saw, got many cockroaches n shits..

Called up the furniture shop told her about the cabinet, she tell me is not her problem ask me call to call the person who send the cabinet. No give me number ask me call who?

WTF?? KNN..!!! Money u know how to collect, when got problem, everything push to other ppl..

Called her shop number ask her come up and have a look at the cabinet she send, she dun wan..

Already 10+am she tell me her shop not open yet. Shout at me..!!! U this china chicken..

u v daring to shout at me n my wife just now right.. nvm..

CB.. Called her shop number she say haven’t open, den who inside the shop answer my call? Ghost??

Den ask her for refund she refused and say not her problem.. cb this kind of service Geylang a lot la.. NB..

Those who wan buy from them better beware..!!!
Dun worry..!!! I’m going to CASE to report u..
Pay $430 get all this cockroaches & shits..

Pls feel free to share ard let this shop famous..!!! Thanks..

Source: Facebook post by Hwee Keong Teo


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