❗️🚫… WARNING …🚫❗️
This happened to me on my last night in Bali. but I can guarantee you that I was not the first person he has done this too… His confidence was disturbing, for it makes me know that there have been countless others that have gone through this too!!!

❗️🔈… VOLUME UP … 🔈❗️
Listen out for what he says 0:09 seconds in
It’s quiet but I caught him!

Me: So you want me to give you what?
Him: ***something inappropriate***
🙀 yea I caught it on video!!!


Although I absolutely loved Bali, and would go again in a heart beat… This is the reality of what can happen…

On the last night when me and my friends checked out, I enquired about a refund for being charged a night I wasn’t there, however it was a mis-communication in the booking so I wanted to see what my options were… My two friends went off for a smoke while I made this enquiry…

I was shocked at this person who was in a position of authority in the hotel I stayed at, who waited till I was alone, then proposed he would give me the refund “but what would I give him” were his exact words…
To which I responded with, “how about a smile and some gratitude” to which he asked, “how about a…. *something inappropriate*”
So I instantly started the sneaky record to catch this guy out!

This could happen to anyone,
I am posting as a warning!

I am a strong woman but what if I wasn’t,
I wonder what if…
 Someone was in a place of vulnerability within their marriage?
 This happened to someone who really needed that money?
 This happened to a younger girl that felt pressured to say yes?
 Someone said no but found herself later forced into it because of his authority and access within the hotel?

I won’t be letting his behaviour continue, I spoke to someone above him who didn’t do anything about it, and then I pressed and pressed to speak to the highest person in charge, not giving up even though being mucked around for almost an hour.

This is not a reflection of the hotel I stayed at, I had a great time so am not here to name and shame the hotel. This is purely the individual and the individuals of staff members who knew exactly what this guy was doing yet did nothing to stop him or did nothing to assist me in laying a complaint and brining it to a higher authorities attention!

The big boss and general guest services manager was eventually called down and he was as shocked as I was that one of his workers would ever do this. This also being the first time he’d ever heard of it happening within his hotel. The boss man was incredibly apologetic and has said that this person would not have a job the next day… I am also waiting to be filled in with how they process this incident and asked to be kept in the loop!

No one should experience this and I’m somewhat glad it happened to me so I can be a voice for the voiceless, that I can speak up for those who may not have felt they could!

Sister I got your back and to the one who was his next prey, I’m glad he won’t be doing this to you!!!

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And be aware that there are some people out there, even people within a respectable role that can use their authority wrong that we must be weary of!
(In saying that, there are many honerable people out there, even in positions of authority who use it to do good, to help others and change the world too! To those people I thank you!)

Sisters you know if something is not right and you’re allowed to speak up!!! Brothers if you over hear something of the sort, stand up for her, speak up! To all I say be bold and be brave, you are worth the world and should never be put in this situation or have someone propose such a thing to you!

Speak up! Don’t stand for it! I got your back!


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Source: FB post by Aneta Baker


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