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A 32-year-old neighbour went next door to borrowed a toothbrush from 44-year-old married Chinese nationality female ,  she out of kindness went to the toilet. But he took advantage of it to lock the room to rape her. After the victim failing to escape, the actually took her into the room, twice raped her.

Bangladesh man Hussein faces two rape crimes, on February 29, 2016 between 11 am and 1:10 pm, in Geylang Lane 8 Lane on the third floor of a shop unit, for raping a 44 year old woman. The defendant pleaded not guilty, the case on July 4 morning trial in the high court.

The victim is a Chinese nationality female tourist, currently 45 years old. She went to Singapore to visit her husband who worked for 12 years in the construction industry and was planning to stay from February 20 to March 18.

In order to live with his wife, the victim’s husband rented a room at the incident site, and the defendant lived next door.According to the prosecution in the opening statement, the incident happened when the husband went out to work, she alone in the room.

The defendant knocked on the door to find the victim, holding a toothbrush on her hand. The victim went the other side to get him toothpaste and showing him to the toilet.

Unexpectedly, the defendant suddenly lock the door while the victim was in the toilet. The victim struggled, but the defendant pulled his pants to rape her.

Afterwards, the defendant opened the toilet door and the victim quickly tried to flee. However, the defendant seized her left shoulder, pulled her into her room, and raped her twice. After the defendant left the scene.
The case was brought to court on 4 July 2017, where the defendant entered a plea of not guilty. The case will be brought to trial in the high court for two counts of rape.


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