Home Affairs Ministry: 45% of heavy vehicle related accidents are caused by foreigners!


From the last five years, foreigners which make up from work permit and S-pass holders caused around 45% of heavy vehicle related accident.

On 4/4/2017, Parliamentary Secretary for Home Affairs Amrin Amin in Parliament publicised this.An average each year of 791 accidents with injury involving heavy vehicles and 39 fatal accidents over the span of five year which includes buses and goods vehicles.

The traffic police will carry out a tachograph trial on heavy vehicles this year which tracks and accounts the vehicle’s speed and other driving statistics. “Companies that are involved in the trial will be able to track their drivers’ tachograph records and improve their drivers’ driving behaviour,” Mr Amin said

In order to ensure that motorists drive at safe speeds along the entire stretch of the road. Traffic police will also be positioning Average Speed Cameras to discover and calculate the average speed of a vehicle as it enters and exits a camera enforcement zone.


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