Latest update : 4th October
If anyone knows the owner of Mazda silver SLP 1159 T . Please kindly get them to contact me . We really hope that we can get more information and evidence .

My dad was discharged this evening . & we are thankful for all the kind wishes and concern .

My dad was hit and run this morning at around 7am, along SLE towards woodland .

Look at the right side of the video, if you see from the computer , you’re able to see the rider extended his leg to kick my dad’s bike thats why he didn’t fall and can just speed off.

Asking for more witness or anyone who is able to help to identify the rider with the pillion (KTM) who hit my dad or another way he actually kicked my dad’s bike ? & also the car on the second lane who just go over my dad’s bike and drove away too .

My dad got his ribs and also shoulder fractured . With many abrasions and stitches on his philtrum and chin , infections cause by the fractured tol .

I hope that the vehicle behind them has a car cam as well . Please be nice and contact us . What would you do if that was your dad ?

Thank you to the rider behind my dad for assisting him to call the ambulance too .

Please pm me if you can help .

Kindly help to share around .



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