Media Night is suppose to let media help to promote the event. But sadly these bunch of jokers are invited to teach other audience how to disturb, make fun and shout back at scare actors. These actions by “them” had been going on for a couple of years. And public watch their video, learn from them, and will do whatever they did to the actors during actual performance.

This is my first time I decide to take it to social media. The past few days had been a mix of feelings for me. My fellow performer, my friends, shared with me their anger, their hurt, their disappointment. Not only did they not set a good example to encourage the actors on set, but to shame them and post it on social media to the world.

You are not being professional. It’s NOT FUNNY! Joke targeting actors, indirectly offensive, noisy like monkeys, screaming back INTO the scare actor’s EARS, spoiling the atmosphere for other media guests, creating a scene and trying to out do every single lines of the actor. IF YOU ARE SOMEONE WHO IS NOT FROM THE ACTING OR MEDIA SCENE, I would have totally understand.

Newbies or senior actors, full or part time actors, put in lots of effort from rehearsals, to energy demanding environments, to overall look like tons of latex glue on their face nightly to bring out the whole experience for you. To transform you into their world. Even if they don’t do well in their scare, you as a senior, shouldn’t have make fun of them.

If you are testing the scare actor how good are their interaction skills, don’t film and post to the world. Send it to their director for further improvement. The way you are gaining fame makes me have no respect for you.

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HHH8 ACTORS FELT INSULTED BY MEDIA!Story – https://www.singaporeuncensored.com/hhh8-actors-felt-insulted-by-media/

Posted by Singapore Uncensored – Bringing you uncensored coverage on Friday, September 28, 2018

Media Night is suppose to let media help to promote the event. But sadly these bunch of jokers are invited to teach…

Posted by Belle Pereira Ho on Wednesday, September 26, 2018



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