First aider at the scene shares what actually happened during the Yishun slashing and how they help the victim.

“well so he heard some commotion at the bottom of his block…loud.. he went down to check and he saw an Indian youth lying down on the floor.. he want near.. and the kid was bleeding…”

“we are both personal trainers so we are first aid trained..so he offer assistance”
Facebook User: EJ Philip Joseph

“Im Khai, Im a Personal Trainer w one of the big club in Singapore. This incident happened under my block around 745pm.”
“I heard a shout/commotion so i rush down to see what’s happening. Yes he was severely slash that u can see his bone.When I arrived at the scene I quickly ran to him he was semiconscious.He was bleeding badly, Because im first aid trained i look around for something to stop the bleeding. By then other passerby came, A lady came pass me towel.I used that to stop the bleeding and elevate his leg..He was screaming in pain and said he was thirsty”
“But i dont give him the water because i have learned anyone suffering from Major blood lost will eventually aggravate the wound/life by drinking water.”
“The ambulance only came after 20mins”
“I was there w him through out the ordeal and makesure he was comfortable and ok”

Facebook User: Kye Irul Anwar

The hero at the scene who did first aid is a muscular hunk! His photos below!

Photo used with permission from: Kye Irul Anwar
Sorry ladies according to his facebook profile he is attached.

You don’t need superpowers to be a hero!!


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