I don’t usually post such lengthy messages on social media, but this I definitely must share.

I had to bring my dog, Jessie for a check at the vet and I realised Grab doesn’t have pet service. However, I tried my luck with the grab hitch and Desmond picked up my job. Of course, the next thing I did was to text him and ask him if he’s ok with a dog on my lap for the journey. Because Jessie hates being in the cage.

I expected him to reject this trip since it was only for 7 bucks and I’m sure many drivers wouldn’t want the hassle of cleaning up the fur left behind. To my surprise he said it’s ok.

Throughout my journey, Desmond was really concerned for Jessie and we had a good chat. Once reached, he kept telling me to take my time just so Jessie doesn’t feel any discomfort while taking her out.

After all the checks, waiting for the payment, I decided to try my luck with grab hitch again. This time 30mins later someone else took on the job but when I mentioned I have a small dog with me, he asked me to cancel the job.

At this time since I’m still waiting at the vet, I thought why not give it one last shot with the hitch. And guess what, Desmond immediately took on the job. He replied me anytime u are ready I’ll be at the same place I dropped u off. I couldn’t believe he came back to pick us back! And the first thing he asked me was, “Is she ok? What did the vet say?”

Before I got off, I told him I’m really so thankful for his kindness! If not for him, I’d probably end up waiting for someone to finally accept me and Jessie in their car.

Good humans still exist and I’m so blessed to have met one! God bless your good soul Desmond!

Can someone please do me a favour to share and/or copy grabhitch.

I don't usually post such lengthy messages on social media, but this I definitely must share.I had to bring my dog,…

Posted by Sindhu Prabhakaran on Tuesday, September 18, 2018


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