“Help! There’s a naked woman crawling around my HDB flat!”


Dear SG Uncensored,

Exhibitionists are become more daring these days!

As you can see from the photos here (its somewhere on tumblr.com) they are doing nude photoshoots in HDB estates. They expose themselves in public because they want to feel the thrill of being so close to getting caught.

Oh my god, what would have happened if children had come out of these HDB units and saw a naked woman crawling around their flat? Their minds may have been corrupted by such a sight.

Despite all the moral education lessons in school, there are still youngsters who like to do this sort of stuff in public, thinking that their fetish is more important than anything else in the world, even the laws against indecent exposure in public. Why can’t these nudists be more considerate and avoid public places like HDB flats? Do they need psychiatric help?

They can do whatever they want behind closed doors. Why must they bring their depraved sexual fetishes into public areas? It is shameful that there are slutty girls around who will participate in such activities. As the world becomes more globalized, are we losing our morals to Western influence?

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