I am living at Blk 435 ,Jurong West. St 42. About 5yrs back we had water leakage in our common toilet. As our ceiling in the toilet got terribly damaged and the leakage traveled to our kitchen ceiling and cabinets and ceiling lights were effected we alerted the HDB about it.

It was then concluded after HDB staff spoke to the above neighbour to share the cost of waterproofing and changing of tiles and repairing of tile for the top floor neighbour’s home.

An agreement was done to split the repair cost for toilet but due to the fact the damage portion of their toilet was more we wanted them to pay more. They didn’t agreed to it and sold their house within a couple of month.

With the new neighbour renovating the home, we assumed that the contractor would do the necessary waterproofing. With that we decided to do the essential repair work for the kitchen lights and painting.

At 2016 Oct, dirty water started to drip from the top level into our toilet. We consulted HDB which they send Melvin to check with one week. After a few weeks later they found leakage and told the above neighbour to solve some of the issue over there.

After a couple months with the leakage not stopping, its was a confirm leakage and we have to share the cost of repair work. After that there was no conclusion. We stay in the ground and we won’t have any neighbours to share the cost.


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