I made a call to SCDF regarding my father’s health. I do not fault our civil defense as they were very prompt. When they came up to my floor, the door of the lift was stuck and one of the paramedics could not get out as the door did not open fully. They only managed to get the equipment out of the lift.

This caused a major inconvenience as my dad could not walk. The paramedics were kind enough to carry my dad down 3 floors and to the ambulance but they had to come back to collect their stretcher. I do not want to be responsible for the cause of someone else’s health at the cost of my unit’s lift fault.

A little brief description, this lift was made a few years back. Previously, we did not have a lift at our unit as it is only a 4 storey unit. The lift was supposed to help the elderly or wheelchair-bound citizens who have difficulty climbing the stairs. When the lift was ready, we were quite appalled by it. I am not saying that I am not appreciative but the lift can barely fit 4 people with a 280kg maximum weight.

We have had people complaining that our lift is scary, small, slow, claustrophobic etc. This lift was of course, paid for by the citizens living in that area. Those who are staying in regular 10+ floor houses have normal sized lift while they give those who are staying in the 4 floor houses really minuscule lifts. It can only fit 1 wheelchair in with a helper squeezing by the side.

Not only that, within a few years, I have seen this lift break down multiple times. I do not feel safe and I hope that this situation does not happen to anyone else but I believe the quality of the lift can be improved. I do not fault the serviceman who went down to help resolve this issue. They arrived promptly, only a few minutes after the ambulance have conveyed my father to the hospital. I believe the fault lies within the one who agreed on the tender of this lift.

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