Yesterday 9th July 2017 evening around 8 pm at my nearby wet market at 511 Canberra Road in Singapore met violence, I bought a mobile phone screen protector a few days ago for $10, now broken so I complained to boss wish for refund, I wished to take photo of the shop he called 2 assistants out to threatened me, one assistant threw my bicycle and hit my head behind.

Lucky my phone and bicycle OK but the back wheel a little slanted needs to repair at bicycle shop next time. Boss did not use violence but shouted very loud at my ear threatened me not to complain it. Nonsense! Boss angry shouted at me I can accept it just let go incident.

But his assistant threw bike and hit my head can’t tolerate. Think they are Malaysians as asked me what my nationality?

Then scolded me “you fucking Singaporean better die!” After they closed at 9 pm I went back to wet market realized its a illegal shop with no registered shop name, not even a HDB shop number but with an ordinary stall number 18 from next door 19 but the number 19 shop with Unit number #01-03.

How can HDB and the wet market management allowing illegal shop to sell mobile phones and accessories without license??

The boss and assistants behaved like secret society gangsters, the assistant threw my bicycle and threatened to smash my mobile phone, so I quickly said sorry sorry they asked me quick delete the photo, but the boss still held my head in his arm until the photo was deleted.

Not seen such gangsters in Singapore for many years since our former PM Lee Kuan Yew ended the secret societies era. Are we back to the 1970s gangsters era?? Then Sembawang is a Hell place!! I have online reported to Police.

Facebook Post: Edward Frank Tan


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