As the president of Singapore, the first she did is wasting the country’s fund?

By staying in her flat. Public servants have to guard her HDB area and step up the security in the area. At the same time taking up a unit of our ‘affordable HDB’ homes. The point is her as a president of the country staying anywhere else than the Istana is a waste of resource.


The Istana is the official residence and office of the President of Singapore. Meaning “palace” in Malay, it is where the President receives and entertains state guests. She doesn’t stay that place, the place would still be required to maintain including the guards. All this are cost. Now no one is staying there would that not be a complete waste? Why not we tear it down and use the yearly budget to help the needy.

So now every time she needs to entertain state guest she would be required to travel down to the Istana (again another set of security escorts, $$$ again). Or you expect state guest to go Yishun? 

At the same time now a whole set of security detail has to guard her area at Yishun. Is that not a waste of resources? By now the media has reported that even parking lots are reserved for police in her area.

This show something clear, making this decision to stay in Yishun was based on personal reasons and not as a president of the country. As someone that safe guard our National reserves, he or she should

Start by: 

  1. reducing wastage of National funds
  2. safe guarding it
  3. growing it.

Looks like she already failed in step 1.

In a report posted by the Channel News Asia, she said the following:

“Security issues, I will leave it to the security department. I think they know how to secure the area, but I think it’s a very nice comfortable place. I’ve been living there for many years.”

Again based on personal, not rational decision. No course of decision making.

As a president, every single action or decision you made. People are looking at you. Simple analysis will show your caliber from simple things like this.

Sorry for my long rant.

I end it off with #NOTMY……….. you complete it for me.


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