Dear friends.. Do share this if possible. 🙏🏻

Please bear with my long post..

My colleagues and I would like to share our horrid experience with Sharene Hair & Beauty Works and strongly discourage anyone from stepping into their unethical shop.

On the 23/01/18, my colleague called the salon to inform them of our interest for hair treatment and would like to do a booking for 3 slots for 26th Jan’18 evening.

We had each purchased a coupon voucher from Vaniday (Worth $150), and were unsure which treatment would be most suitable for our different hair types, we called in to Sharene Hair & Beauty Works before we add the service to cart and they advice to only select the booking after we go over on the day itself.

Upon arrival on 26th Jan’18, they happily invited us in as “Vaniday customers”. Both of us choose the service (treatment $95 and cut $25), we told the staff that we had an excess of $30 voucher and queried if there was anything we could do with that amount. The hairdresser suggested us to add scalp serum (Worth$30) in order for us to fully utilize our Voucher.

I completed the service earlier at 6.35pm and proceeded to enquire the Boss (Sharene) for my payment via the apps. To which, she suggested to have a private discussion on the payment outside the shop and the reason given was to avoid letting their regular customers know about Vaniday. They explained that Vaniday charged a commission for their services and that would cause them to earn lesser.

Shockingly, Sharene changed her tune and insisted for us to pay in cash instead of going through the apps. She then twisted her words and insisted that she had no idea that we were going to pay through Vaniday app. Obviously, we wanted to make the payment via the Apps since we have $150 coupon in our Vaniday account. She then raise her voice a little saying if we were to insist on going through Vaniday apps payment, she would have to increase the charges to cover her loss/commission given to Vaniday. After saying that, she then turn and walked back in to the shop rudely, leaving me and one of her staff outside to agree on the payment mode (Cash or card).

I was so angry, disappointed and at the same time feeling helpless. We had no choice but to make cash payment otherwise we could not leave the shop. Upon completion of payment, I told the cashier that this gonna be my 1st and the last time stepping in to the shop! (She even want me to apologies to her for saying this because her regular heard our conversation?? Like seriously??)

Do you think this is right and acceptable? What is the point for them promoting their business via apps yet not willing to pay Vaniday advertising fee? So are customers suppose to pay for their advertising fee?? And is this really the correct ways to treat/charge customer? I would like everyone to spread this experience we encountered. Do NOT bother to engage Sharene Hair & Beauty Works for any services!


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