Hair Dresser provide me servicer because I refused to take his “Professional Advice”



This unprofessional and definitely a leech of a salon called 123 Hair & Make Up Studio at 53one Upper Cross Street, #02-6three. refused to honor my @grouponsg voucher because I didn’t want an additional hair cut and just wants my perm as according to the voucher. Reason being I refused to take his “professional advice”.

When I insist on my perm he gave a lame excuse that my hair is not suitable for the product and my hair is too short but yet he wants to cut an additional 2 inches off!!! He was already rude over the phone when I tried to make an appointment. Being impatient and hung up on my call when I wasn’t done.

Kept telling me it’s okay and that I can claim my refund. It is not okay because I’m not receiving the service I’d paid for!!! This is the first time I’d encountered such a problem, where the merchant refused your service altogether because you didn’t want additional expensive services!!!



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