This will be a a long story, free then read. It is about Taxi, U/G and passengers.

This is not against who right or who wrong, this is what’s happening to the transport industry now….

PHV had taken most of Taxi business, this is a fact, no doubt. Passengers are booking thru apps, very few are waiting on the streets, time have changed, I think we need to change as well.

Even hotels are affected by AirBnb, and many other apps which I didn’t know of.


We know most of the time the fare sucks, for both TD & GC drivers, every passenger is using it, even those staying in private estate are using it, either you accept the booking or you didn’t earn that low fare at all.

JustGrab takes 10% of the fare from Taxi & 20% from Car, for a trip fare of $10, $1 or $2 will go to Grab

Most of the time I don’t see any paxs on the streets, JG bookings non stop. $8 fare I take, I can take 4 calls in an hour, better than I go round & round for 30mins no fare.

Even in Orchard during slow hours, many taxis are queuing at taxi stands, many people, none are taking taxis, all are looking at their phones for G/U, Why? Price !!!
Taking a taxi in town will cost more than PHV, but when U/G surge, all will book taxi instead cause it’s cheaper.

As a passenger, of course I take the cheapest, true or not???


For Taxi Drivers

*FF & JG fare sucks, up to individual to accept the bookings or not
*JustGrab fare is low at night, especially after midnight, streets also no people, take that $20 better than $0 fare. Yes I know very low, but that $20 still in your pocket when you take it, still up to individual
*The trend now is passenger using Grabpay, promo codes, there is nothing we can do. Passenger will book from home, be it Taxi or PHV, they are so used to it, nobody will stand at the roadside except elderly.
*I tried taking short JG trips, still can manage though the 10% sucks, the road almost empty

For PHV Drivers

*From 1 July 2017, no PDVL cannot drive unless you have ATD. So you will be under LTA & SPF rules
*Please do not use Taxi Stand/Stop, fine $50, no points
*Do not cover your Decals, $100 + 3 PDVL points or more
* Children under 1.35meters will need child seat by LAW for PHV, $120 fine + 3 points
*Please la, you are consider working, wear something presentable.
*Many PHV drivers compare taxi vs PHV on the child seat requirement, why taxi no need, PHV need, write in for it.

Young PHV drivers to take note

*Have you wonder if U/G ban your account due to passenger compliant, what will happen to your rental car? Still need to pay rental till contract ends?
*Have you asked who will pay for the hospital fee for the passengers if you meet with an accident? Insurance pay how much? Insurance pays all? What about the balance?
*Have you asked what is your accident excess? $4000? Still need to pay rental during car repair?
*Do you know all expenses for your car including rental & petrol are not income tax deductible?
*Do keep half of your salary since PHV drivers can earn $7000 (…) for housing, you need to pay for house in the future, as PHV drivers have no CPF. You will need to down $47K for a 4 room flat with monthly payment of $2327, source from

For Passengers

*If next time PHV surge and you cannot get a taxi, do book a CDG Limo taxi, it will be much cheaper than a PHV. Booking fee of $10. Tel: 6552 1111
*Children under 1.35meters will need child seat by LAW for PHV, Taxi no child seat rules, please don’t say “Why last driver can, you cannot”
*1 PHV car only 4 passengers, children included. No more than 4 please
*For taxi, 2 children below 12 years consider 1 adult, taxi can carry Father, Mother, Maid + 2 children below 12 years.
*Bus stop is for Bus, not for any other vehicles to stop for drop off or pick up
*PHV cannot use Taxi stand/Stop, unless LTA change it to PHV/Taxi stand
*Have you wonder how much is your insurance coverage if you take PHV for hospitalisation?
*G/U giving promo codes, use it, as good as free ride. (Wondering who will pay the fare) As I said, one find day when Singapore left with only 100 taxi for non resident, we have to pay high price for private transport because U/G will control the fare instead of government.

Remember on 28 June 17 evening when MRT RED line was down, raining, how U/G surge, some need to fetch children from child care, in a hurry to go back,
a trip from
Capital Tower to Bukit Batok cost $53 on JustGrab
Scotts Rd to Changi Airport cost $51 on GrabCar
Tang Plaza to Marsiling $32 on Grabshare
NUS to Sembawang $50 GrabCar
Bishan to Montreal Dr $43 on GrabCar

Have people say if this goes on, many Taxi drivers will return key & do other jobs. There will be less Taxi, Grab will rule this small island fare, so by that time, if we are in a hurry, we have to pay the price. Less taxi, more demand, surge high high, passenger pay, which includes you and me.


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