Hi guys,

I recently got my PES status, and i was allocated a PES C9. I’m not quite sure how this works, but I have been an athlete all my life.

My IPPT, when i took it in school, was 87 points, as i run/gym very regularly (almost every day, cut down nowadays because of my ‘A’ levels that’re coming up in 24 days), even after my season ended.

I do know that the PES is a measure of my health, not fitness- the NHC doctor told me some complicated stuff about my heart (i didn’t understand shit), but he also said it’s not a big deal? I was concerned, as i never had any medical condition, so we got these medical reports and sent them to my father’s cardiac surgeon, who looked them over and also said that it was a condition that is very common (still don’t know what it’s called), and isn’t a big deal, i.e. isn’t fatal, just a small abnormality.

I’m quite devastated, because i’m somewhat of a fitness buff, and wanted to get into the Commandos/NDU (yeah, foolish, i know). So i was wondering if my NS PES could be a mistake?


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