I can see a lot you people are sharing International Human Rights Lawyer Mr M Ravi’s FB live videos and making fun of him.Rewind about 10 years back and you will know who is he.Me and my dad sees him as the most bravest person and genuine guy who thinks and care about others.

A man who we should look & accept as an example of being a real human .A man who sacrifice himself for others. Me and my dad started following him since he took over Yong Vui Kong (a Malaysian citizen who was sentenced to death in Singapore for trafficking a sum of grams of heroin in 2007 ) case.Mr Ravi is the man who saves Yong two days before the scheduled date of Yong’s execution. The case took almost 4 years and Mr Ravi did not gave up until finally Yong’s death penalty was officially lifted. He has become the first drug trafficker on death row to have his sentence reduced to life imprisonment and caning (15 strokes), under amendments made to the Misuse of Drugs Act .

All of you who are criticizing him, I’m sure you don’t know who he is & what he has done for his country and ours years back in 2008 till 2014. In another word i would define him as ”

The man with steel balls “. Unfortunately , he was suspended for two years since Oct 2016 for by a Court of Three Judges for his mental condition for acting “deplorably in relation to the judiciary, his clients and the profession as a whole.” The sad part is , Mr M.Ravi is a very unwell person and suffering from bipolar disorder.

On his latest video he did mention that his mother committed suicide in September 2003 , if it was true , then imagine and see as a son what kind of situation he would have been and the amount of depression he carried. He is also a classical dancer since he was a teenager. I would like to ask to those who who make fun of him without knowing his background on what he had done or in another word ” Sacrificed” do you even have 1/5th of his knowledge or experience he had??, you people are not even a bit of his standard to condemn him.

Go and do a bit of research on him and what he had done for people before you curse him. Do not simply go around speculating stories about others when u cant even clean your own shit. I dont want to write more on this as i believe if you people got so much time to share peoples video and condemning , then you should have enough time to do a bit of research on this “HERO” and know better who is he.

If can , learn and do what he had done then you are entitle to talk about him, Until then u may take your nonsense and shove it up your arse . Stop speculating bad things about him. You people , go and Get a life.There is a lot of necessary things to do out there.

Here are few Links where you can read/watch and know who is he.…/lawyer-m-ravi-ignored-his-psyc……/m-ravi-barred-applying-practis……/law-society-issues-statement-……/from-the-kampong-to-the…/…/well-done-m-ravi.html…/shocked-and-saddened-th…/

Logesvaran Bob.


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