Scoot, you suck.

After booking and paying for your “Stretch” seats, we’re now being told that we can’t sit in those seats as we have an infant travelling with us (which was always part of our booking when you took our reservation and money for the stretch seats).

Not only do we not get our stretch seats, but your policy is to not refund us for the extra money we paid for these seats. what a joke. You have given us an extra 10kg luggage allowance, which is worth exactly $0 to us, since we do not have any extra luggage to use up said allowance, and have offered to “board us first”, which is also worth exactly $0 to us, as we would like to spend as little time as possible in our cramped seats with an infant, so will deliberately try to board last.

What a terrible customer policy you have that allows us to book and pay for seats that we aren’t allowed to use, but does not allow you to give us a refund for it.

To top it off, when i caled your service centre to resolve this, i was first told i would be called back, but no call back came. Then when i called again to find out what was happening, i was told “clause 3.7 of our terms and conditions says we don’t guarantee your seat” and was promptly hung up on.

Again, you suck.

Scoot, you suck. After booking and paying for your "Stretch" seats, we're now being told that we can't sit in those…

Posted by Tom Daly on Monday, January 8, 2018


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