Guy Jio My GF Go Drink. No Money Return Me Still Can Go Thailand


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FU*KING LOSER (a must to share)

This guy TIKO XIAO LONG very 粗名like to pm girls jio them go drink , know one also pm dk one also pm .. that time my gf he also dare jio go drink think i dunno! This FUCKER no money keep want to gambler win money want take money , lose money dont want pay. his friend took out few k to play with him , he lose alr dont want pay just walk away with his gf .

nearly kena whack by his friend , im being kind enough to use my company money to help him pay first ,go casino lose already borrow few thousand also nv return. dec tell me next month jan will return me i wait untill feb , keep tell me no money return tell me who ask me so kpo go pay for him .LOL i never pay for u i think u and your gf kena beat untill pig head liao asshole ! … now got money go thailand dont want return ah , dont treat me like a sohai ask me to wait .. wait for your mother die already white money than u give me ah ? Tmdcb


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