Guy Got Cheated Of $15,000 and Defame After Helping A Guy To Pay HDB Loan


Greetings to u

Am writing to u in need of ur help
I need to post on ur page about my truth to a fake post by a conman who owes me money which I helped him to save his house Been two n half years yet he n his wife refused to pay me When I demanded for my money .. he posted bad about me online & it virally spread like fire in FB & WhatsApp Have filed a case & made police report. IO has taken his statement. Investigations are going on
The following are what I need to posted on ur page to help me save my honor

To all who received the FABRiCATED post about me in Whatsapp & FB on 14 Jan 2017 …

pls read my explanation in the attached images I hereby CHALLENGE both the CONMAN & CONWOMAN who had on 14 Jan 2017 posted false allegations about me in online social medias … to come public with all the families & businessmen … they claimed I had cheated & tortured !!!

Show your faces to the world if ur right !!! PAY ME BACK MY S$15k iF UR TRULY GOD FEARiNG !!! There are many victims conned by u of huge amounts .. who are ready to vouch in court against u Have NEVER ever wronged anyone in my lifetime … hence, am bold to face you with my Mahamayee within me !!!


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