I would like to post up a story of how a Rich family Boy/bastard scammed off my money and most probably several others too. he is a friend that I’ve known for more than 4 years, though we do not catch up very often but we still keep in touch frequently.

My friend SHANAS is from a single child family and has a job in Eva Airline. job scope is either a pilot or an air planner. recently, this friend of mine SHANAS contacted me very often and always asked if I would want to lend him SGD$3000. his reasons for the money, was that he had his funds stuck in overseas, additionally, his dad was hospitalised, therefore he would urgently need to retrieve these funds urgently. after a few conversations, SHANAS also added that he would use the funds inclusive of mine to do some investments and would return SGD$3200 after 2 weeks.

since he was from a well to do family and his dad(mum passed away) is not located in singapore hospital, I decided to help him out in this matter. then, 2 weeks after he did contact me through WhatsApp that he would meet up with me to return the money. apparently, few hours after the call he disappeared into thin air, first BLOCKING me on WhatsApp, then BLOCKING me on my calls, Finally BLOCKING me on Facebook. There is no other ways that i can get in touch with him at the monment.

I would like everyone to comment and share, especially those who have been cheated by him to stand out as I would need to make a police report for this SCAM BY this BASTARD CHEATING A WOMAN’S MONEY. I HAVE POSTED HIS PICTURES BELOW.

I HOPE all of you could help me make this bastard freaking famous as my hard earned money is gone. my only job is doing part time and this is what I get from helping a friend in need. I will input his detailed below.

1. Peace centre JADE KTV is under Shauna’s family ( claimed by him)
2. Clementi camp 2PDF Unit 822 (claimed by him)

If anyone has anyway in contacting him please let me know asap thanks
[email protected]

Source Facebook Post By Joyce Tan:


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