Guy at club smash my friend “stolen phone” when we asked him to return it!



HI Guys please beware of this guy, he stole my friend phone and because my friend put it in lost mode, he decided to f*king smash the phone and returned it when threatened with police.

he even lied that he actually found the phone, but what cctv saw was he was cleaning the table and he saw the phone and he kept it in his pocket. and when my friend asked if he took the phone, he said no. when evidence was clear that he DID took it.

please keep your belongings safe at any clubs you go because if you encounter such a low life broke ass dog, the next phone he steals might be yours.

share around and becareful.

做男人做的这么 xiasuey. just use your money buy yourself a dress la, so you can cheat guys money to buy you a phone instead of stealing one la.

no wonder you call yourself jason meow, because you’re a f**king pussy.



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