Grandmother pass away cant go class. Teacher say is not an excuse.


unreasonable_teacher_proof_death_grandmaA student informed his lecturer that his grandmother passed away and needed to excuse himself from lectures. Instead of offering her condolences, the lecturer replied “this is no excuse” and demanded to see proof that his grandma had indeed passed away.

Pissed off with her unsympathetic attitude, he offered her 2 types of evidence, either a picture of his dead grandma’s ashes or a personal invitation from his dead grandma. This angered the oblivious lecturer who sternly told him not to be sarcastic towards her.

How do teachers in Singapore usually respond to such events? Do they offer their sympathies or are they required to see the death certificate before giving time off for their students to grief?

<Complaint by Roshen Maghhan ‏@roshennn>

Came home from a frustrating day, & my lecturer just had to be a bitch, so in the end, I went to my savage dgaf mode.

I know she’s gonna call me aside and probably lecture me about this tomorrow….but…. #YOLO




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