GrabHitch driver molest female passenger and said “YOU HAVE SUPER LEGS”


Today I was molested by my GrabHitch driver.

I generally sit in front for hitch cos they aren’t grab drivers but just random Singaporeans like you and me, on the way to somewhere and pick people along their route for extra cash.. He seemed a little dodgy but I thought I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover so I just sat in front. He was ok the whole way, just normal conversation on how to get there and I was busy settling emails on my phone so I didn’t make much conversation. I barely made eye contact.

When I reached my destination, I had to get cash out for the guy so I had reach to my bag under the seat to get my wallet. Space was v tight so my leg kena his hand which was on the gear stick.. I quickly pulled to the side and said sorry. Then while I was looking down he quickly touched my leg and said “you have super legs”. I thought I heard wrong/ accidentally hit me cos the space was tight. So I was like “what?” and he replied “you have super legs”. At this point i replied “huh?” and u can tell I’m super annoyed. Then he replied “I think your legs are really sexy” with a really creepy smile. I shot back a very disgusted “okay..” And tried to settle the payment as fast as I could. When it was settled I just said “thanks” while I grabbed my things and he took the opportunity to stroke my leg a longer while this time and said “I really.. love your legs” and he had this fucking creepy smile. I was honestly in shock and I didn’t want to do or say anything in case he locked me in the car or anything so I quickly just rushed out and slammed the door…

Soon after I lodged a complaint to Grab via phone call cos I assumed it might be resolved faster if I gave a verbal account direct to the customer service and they might be able to solve things on the spot. However I told the service assistant that i was molested by my driver + he touched my leg but he just proceeded to make a report on my behalf and didn’t even apologize for my horrible experience? He just told me they will follow up on the issue and call me or email me. It was very unsettling..

Right now I’m going to lodge a police report, and after that file a more official written complaint to grab and get this guy suspended.

Ladies especially, do watch out for the grab profiles of your drivers and DO NOT TAKE THIS GUY’S CAR. I know some might think “it’s just your leg what” but it was still very traumatic for me. I hope he gets caught and no other girl has to go through my experience. I guess from now I’ll just take precautions and sit behind.. Sorry to all the nice GrabHitch-ers out there :/

The driver has been suspended by Grab and will be reported to the police by Grab as well. Apart from my own report.
Another funny thing happened which is that he tried to call me WHILE Grab called to let me know they suspended him and told him to never contact me again?! Obviously I did not pick up. The operator from Grab then assured me by helping me contact him to remind him not to call me again.

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