A fellow pirate has been caught by TP last week at Jalan Eunos for not having proper child restraint on the child.

He was at a traffic junction when the TP looked into the window and tapped on it to ask the driver to wind down the window.

When asked why no child restraint, he said he didn’t bring. (Sounds like me when I didn’t do my homework back in school lol).

Anyway, the driver was asked who is the child to him, he replied the kid is his rider’s child, is not related and that he was a grab driver.

What happened after:
1: The trip had to be terminated.
2: Driver was given a stern warning pending appeal letter
3: Both rider and driver has to write appeal letter to TP
4: If Rider fails to write the letter, rider gets away scot free, but driver will be fined and demerit points given.

My fellow pirates,

1: please ensure that they do a grab family upgrade if they have kids from 1m-1.35m. Regardless of just grab, grab car or grabshare, they can upgrade simply by paying 2 dollars more for that ride.

2: Please stop being the “other driver” that riders always say “other drivers can why you cannot”. Stay firm and request them to cancel. If they refuse, take a photo of them and send to grab and inform them of such a case so that they can take appropriate action so as not to waste our time and petrol especially during peak hour.

If they tell you that they are not obliged to cancel, again, just smile, take their photo (do not post it on fb) and send to grab.

Then cancel the ride and proceed with your day. Don’t allow them to steal your joy.

3: If it is a child in arms, or kids below 1.00m, simply reject them politely and ask them to cancel. If not, please ask them to smile, take a picture of them and send it to grab.

Do not let these inconsiderate riders who constantly try their luck with grab just because they don’t have to pay $6 like our uber drivers get when they cancel those with kids below 1m.

And always remember, the riders are not the ones who pay the fines, get the demerit points or sit in jail for us.

If we do not ensure all these, and worst case scenario occurs, be sure that not only they will not thank you for taking their ride, they will sue your ass off in an accident and you are on your own.

Let not this brother’s “strict warning from TP” not go to waste. Let’s be united and stop taking rides below 1m and enforce child booster seats on those 1-1.35m!

Credit: A fellow pirate who allowed me to post

Source: The Pirate Car Show FB Page


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