A few days ago, I had booked a JustGrab ride at 6:30pm and it was a taxi that had accepted my booking. After the trip had ended and I checked my receipt, I was surprised to find that I had been charged a booking fee of $3.30. This is wrong as there are no booking fees for JustGrab rides even if they are in taxis. Either this taxi driver was unaware of this point or he was out to overcharge me deliberately. The taxi did not pass through any ERP gantries.

When I pressed Book, my request was accepted almost immediately in under 1 minute; I was surprised that a TD had accepted my request so quickly right in the middle of a weekday evening peak hour period when it is fairly easy for taxis to get street hail passengers. The fare of $7 for JustGrab is comparable to the distance fare going by the meter. However the meter fare also has a 25% peak hour surcharge, so the meter fare is more than the JustGrab fare. This TD may have accepted my request thinking that since he could charge a booking fee, he does not ‘lose out’ by accepting a lower fare.

The lesson learnt in this incident is to be more careful when it is a taxi that you are riding in for JustGrab trips. I will now verify what is the fare with the driver and wait for the GrabPay charge notification or receipt to come in on my handphone before alighting. I will suggest to other members to do the same.

Has anyone else experienced this issue ?

Facebook post by : ‎Bok Chek Yang‎ 


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