GRAB This post is not out to target anyone or drivers, we know there are many honest, reliable good drivers, we have met many nice and polite drivers.

This post is for info sharing on an incident which happened just this morning.
My hubby booked a JG for my daughter to send her to school for exams. The grab driver called and said his car had broken down n told my hubby to cancel. My daughter, whom I used to share much from this FB group, was quick to tell her dad this – tell the driver to cancel instead since his car has broken down, we cannot cancel on our end otherwise we will get cancellation charge.

The next funny thing was, the driver said his car is working and he can come to pick up. My hubby n daughter were stumped??? One moment the car is down, next moment it is working! The above incident has given us the impression that he is lying ,trying to take advantage of the new cancellation policies or AR rate. Drivers like him would have sullied the good name of many others.

Hope that he is just the minority few, n definitely not an exemplary example to follow. As for me n my family, we still have the good faith in the many good drivers out there to make an honest living ,giving a good name to grab n uber. Our incident is just an isolated encounter of one black sheep amongst the many white sheep. Grab can still fine tune its cancellations policies to protect the riders too.

Yee Adeline

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