Grab. Please ban or take strict disciplinary action on this Grab driver. He has serious attitude problem & no standard at all. I have took mutiple Grab rides .Be it Grabcar/Just Grab /Grab taxi or GrabHitch.But this is by far the worst driver that i have ever met. He can just shout at you, scold you.slump ur line halfway while cm’s talking & refused to take your call when you call back.

Plane you big time when he did not even bother to come find me.when I given him clear instructions on how to come to my location.
Here goes:

I called for Grab on that fateful day 1/7/17
(2.14 pm) when I was in a hurry to rush back to office after my Lunch at Amoy food center. It was a sunny day with the afternoon heat blazing down. He called me after abt 5 mins after i booked.Told him I was waiting in front of Amoy food center’s motocycle lot area. But he started shouting that he was already waiting at the temple side.

I told him nicely to go straight n turn right into Telok Ayer St .as it is quite far & hot for me to walk to the other side where de Siang cho keong temple is.(its a L shape layout). He kinda like curse n swear n shouted unwillingly that he drive over. while requesting me to walk to de junction (which i believe is de intetsection of Mccallum & Telok Ayer st. When I reached the juntion pt under de hot sun abt a min later with sweat dripping n hands filled with packets of tabaos(He is still on de line).

I informed him that I reached n still no sight of him.He started shouting again at me at this point. demanding why I walked to the Junction.n he already come looking for me(If He come along my way.

I would definately see his car as there is not a lot of cars at tat x.n my eyes is glued to tat small road looking out for him!) I finally snapped at this pt.rising my voice back. telling him to stop shouting at me n its he who is the one that asked me to walk to the junction pt.Why is he blaming me again?Helooo. I am the customer after all right? He cut my line straight. After standing there for like a few more mins looking out for him.I called him back. NO ANSWER.Thats when I know I m being plane.

As I m in a hurry to go back to work (which because of him . I m already late back to work) I had to flag a SMRT taxi which I have to pay 5 bucks cash. when in actual fact. I still have the $8 Grab promo code to use but due to his selfish act of not wanting to cancel his ride with me at that pt.I m unable to book another Grab ride.(I already saw him moving further n further away fm de the booking place)
He only cancelled the ride after a good half hr later when he encertain that I will not be cancelling. I will not cancel as I will not want to pay for Grab cancellation fees when it is clearly not my fault.

I will rather give it to that efficent SMRT driver that pick me up at that critical moment !
This driver’s attitude & behaviour has certainly pull you down ,Grab. You should really consider if you should have this type of driver on board your team.This experience have definitely scarred me.

FYI. I have top up for your past 3 weeks promo but not this week’s due to this very unpleasant experience.

Facebook Post By: Dione Ying


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